If you want happiness, you must seek it

If you want happiness, you must seek it

by Marilou McIntyre

Seeking happiness is a major step toward achieving it and gaining control of your life. Like love, happiness is abstract, but real in one’s life. Each person must determine what creates happiness in their own life. Think happy, do things that make you happy to tantalize and stimulate the brain’s “happy center.” Though the process works, it is fleeting, at best, and you must nurture this spot continuously. Think and do pleasant things. Surround yourself with happy, kind people. Perhaps food, a good movie, or an exciting love life makes you happy.


It often seems some people are happiest when embroiled in conflict or engaged in power struggles – otherwise, they would not continue such behavior. This is the other side of the duality within each person. Who is to say which is best? Perhaps if the mean-spirited people were to direct their energies toward malignant cells or other diseases, they could destroy them. We would hail them as heroes if they healed cancer.

To maintain positive attitudes and growth, it is important to learn the effect of right thinking and right action that is helpful to self or others. Awareness of your environment and the people with whom you associate and their effect on you is important. Be sure your surroundings, friends, and associates are positive. Once a person recognizes that certain behavior causes them to fear or become ill, they must overcome it through conscious change. Find people that enhance you and help you stay positive.

Be guided into a more youthful, healthier and happier life. You can do this by healing imperfections in your mind, body, and spirit. Good thoughts and actions create health in the body, just as bad ones create disease or suffering. “You might get fragile, but you won’t break if you keep yourself polished inside and out.”

Reincarnation may explain unusual behaviors and personality traits we cannot adequately account for or understand via the fields of psychology and psychiatry. Beyond that, it may even explain some puzzling biological and medical phenomena. Thoroughly examining the concept of reincarnation may also help us understand presently unsolved problems in the fields of therapy and medicine. Consciously adjust your attitude. “Take another look at this possibility.”

The world can be a real utopia. At the very least, if everybody would strive to accomplish the same thing by beginning within, the world would become a better place. Be focused upon the perfection of the present day. The only thing you really have to do is believe in yourself and your potential.

Marilou Macintyre Dr. Marilou McIntyre is an author, past life connector, and fear buster. She helps those suffering from irrational fears to mend the past so they can overcome their fears and live happy, healthy, successful lives. Her books, Fast Road to Happiness: Journey into Now, Life is Forever – Get Used to It, and The Forever Principles: Listening to an Angel Voice in My Head, assist you on the spiritual path and provide road maps to enjoy and control your life forever. To schedule a past life exploration go to her website: MarilouMcintyre.com/Contact.

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