Enjoy what you are doing!

Enjoy what you are doing!

by Joe Carroccio

As September comes to a close, so much is happening with regard to 16 in ’64.

Last time, I spoke about a publicist who works exclusively with Beatles-related authors and was referred to us by our friend, Aaron Krerowicz. Her name is Nicole Michael, of 910pr.com. We are happy to say that after receiving and reviewing her marketing proposal, we made the decision to work with her.

Nicole is already interfacing for us with a project connected to the new Ron Howard movie, Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years, a documentary about The Beatles performing at very large venues during the 60s that includes some great insights about the band.


By the time you read this, we will have had our third book signing this year at Pacino’s Italian Restaurant, in Mesa, Ariz., on Sunday, Sept. 25th. I will relay how it went in my next post.

On October 5th, I will be presenting “The Great Music Transition of the 60s” at the Tempe Library, sponsored by 16 in ’64. Of course Marti will be at the event, talking a little about the book and signing copies. It will be an interactive discussion with associated fun facts about music leading up to and then all about the 60s.

In conjunction with Nicole Michael’s help, we have been doing a lot of marketing for these two programs. Press releases to local media, social media, and word of mouth. Both Pacino’s and the Tempe Library provided marketing support; it’s great to have partnerships.zia-records

Last time, I mentioned that I would be pursuing more music-oriented stores for our book signings. On Saturday, October 22nd, we will be doing our first book signing at the Mesa location of Zia Records, located at 1302 S. Gilbert Road. We hope to do all of the other four Metro Phoenix stores, and perhaps the ones in Tucson and Nevada in 2017.

As always, we continue adding to our website and making revisions. We are continuing to contact local morning TV shows, podcasters, and newspapers for interviews. Also anyone associated in any way with The Beatles. Tenacity and persistence are always what you need to makes things happen. Of course, you also need to give things time and sometimes let things happen. 🙂

It takes a great deal of effort to market and promote your book. You need to embrace your passion and always move forward with a positive attitude. Don’t dwell on the past – learn from it. Most of all, enjoy what you are doing, or find something else to do!

___________________Joe Carroccio
Joe Carroccio is the coauthor of 16 in ’64: The Beatles and the Baby Boomers. Learn more at: 16in64.com.

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