The Effective Author: Clearing the Energy of Your Workspace

The Effective Author: Clearing the Energy of Your Workspace

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To be The Effective Author, we each need to notice when the energy in our workspace has gotten stale and get busy clearing the energy. In Upbeat LivingSM, we want our lives to be energized and joyful. When we have been working to beat a deadline, experiencing overload, working despite having a cold or other illness, feeling exhausted/down/depressed, all that energy tends to cling to our immediate environment. That gummy negative energy actually keeps you tired, stressed, anxious, and congested, but it can be cleansed! When it is cleared, you will have more bounce, wellness, clarity, and inspiration to get plenty of great writing done. So today’s topic is the energy of your workspace.

By now, you’ve likely heard of feng shui, the art of placing objects in your home, office, or other space to optimize the energy in the space and in your life. Maybe you’ve even dabbled in adding certain colors or objects to your space. If so, you already believe in subtle energy fields, the circulating energy patterns you can’t see. But you don’t need to understand the complex details of the discipline of feng shui to clear or otherwise adjust your home or office energy. There are quick and simple things you can do to re-set the energy – the feeling – of your space.

At this writing, Summer has ended Fall is underway. This is a natural time of transition and evaluation. The other natural time of home energy transition is in the Spring, when people launch into spring cleaning. That is, people in cold areas open their doors and windows for the first time in months. They “air out” their homes andclean and freshen all the surfaces and contents. Perhaps they take a fresh look at what they own and what they would like to donate or replace. Perhaps they add some bright seasonal décor. You can do this kind of thing to clear the energy of your workspace, which will refresh you and re-set your productivity.

In hot areas like Phoenix, a natural time for such clearing is at the end of Summer. When outside temperatures finally descend to below 80 degrees, people may suddently open their front doors and find the air is cooler outside than inside – a pleasant, refreshing surprise. The home or office energy has been stale for a half-year, and it’s time for a re-set. Junk energy has been accumulating all during the closed-window season. All the energy of stress, illness, fatigue, and discouragement can now be aired out and cleansed away. This is simple. It can take about 10 minutes of your time, plus an hour to continue letting the space air out. Try these eight easy steps.

  1. Set your intention to clear and lighten the energy of your workspace, even if it’s a chair, a lamp, and a laptop.
  2. Open all the doors and windows. Leave the screen doors closed.
  3. Light an incense stick or sage bundle. You’ll carry it around over a pan for catching the ash. If you don’t have either incense or a sage bundle, use a candle and think of it as a source of white light.
  4. Declare your intention and/or say a prayer. Try a traditional one or write your own.
  5. Go around your space repeating phrases about release, such as: “I bless and release all tired, ill, old, or stale energy. I bless and release all pain, all emotional sludge, all discouragement, all stuck/ness, all unclarity, all brain fog, all distraction, and all outdated ideas”. Picture stale energy leaving through the open windows and doors. Know that this is true.
  6. Go around again, still holding the pan with burning incense or sage, and repeat phrases like this: “I refill this space with new, fresh, upbeat, encouraged, optimistic, can-do energy. I declare this to be a space filled with radiance and wellness, vitality, fresh ideas, easy concentration, right action, inspiration, and best relationships. I declare that this space draws the ideal friends, (clients, if applicable,) loved ones, energy, and income. This is a place of peace, joy, and balance!”
  7. Thank God/the Universe/Jesus/the Angels/Life. According to your belief system, express great gratitude that these things are so.
  8. Give the space an hour to air out, or more if climate and schedule permit.


Now simply repeat as desired, weekly or whenever your writer’s brain needs clearing. You’ll notice the space feels lighter, your motivation is greater, and everything you do is easier. Your writing will go faster and be more cogent. You may also be less hungry. Don’t you love being The Effective Author? And that’s Upbeat Living!

Kebba Buckley Button is a stress management expert and author of the award-winning book, Kebba booksDiscover the Secret Energized You, as well as the 2013 book, Peace Within: Your Peaceful Inner Core, Second Edition
. Her newest book, Sacred Meditation: Embracing the Divine, is available through her office. Just email for more info. Like this article? Buy Kebba’s books by clicking the links! Reach the writer at For an appointment or to ask Kebba to speak for your group:

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  1. bchatzkel says:

    Kebba — thank you. This is a very good reminder to help us be the best us possible.


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