Come celebrate Phoenix-area indie authors this Saturday, October 8th!

This coming Saturday, October 8, is Indie Author Day. If you’re in the Phoenix area, come celebrate with us! Details included in the following post … along with a bit about who indie authors are.

Marcie Brock, Book Marketing Maven

Come celebrate Phoenix-area indie authors this Saturday, October 8th!

Authors are a strange lot. Many write for love of the craft. Some write to share important messages or to establish themselves as experts in their fields. Most are seeking readers. Some embrace the idea of abracadabra-instant-best-sellermarketing. Many are stunned when they hear the 80/20 principle as it applies to publishing: the recommended ratio of marketing time/effort to writing time/effort. A huge number seem to wish they could wave a magic marketing wand and be done with it. Hocus pocus. Abracadabra. And voila … a bestseller appears.

Unfortunately – or fortunately – it doesn’t work like that. The successful authors are the ones who are willing to be creative and determined to get the word out about their books.

That is the goal of the Phoenix Publishing & Book Promotion Meetup. We are on the cusp of…

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