Skipping Ahead … a Setback?

Skipping Ahead … a Setback?

by Joe Torres


We are told of the awful reality about shortcuts, that they actually set you back. When it came to my novel, I decided to try and skip ahead. I was stuck – floundering, even, looking at that damned accusatory cursor. So I thought, Maybe if I just skip ahead and come back, then I can fill in the middle. Makes sense, right? Just get the ending down and the middle will become clearer.

But, oh NO! That was not the case. Skipping ahead to the end only made the middle more muddled. I had an ending, but I had no idea how I’d gotten there. All was not lost, though.

The good news is that I did start to see the questions I needed to answer in order to figure out how I’d arrived at the ending. I at least had a better picture of where I need to go next. So there was a small revelation spawned by my wandering down the rabbit hole of a shortcut. I now have hundreds of new questions to answer, which seem even more exciting.

I’ll admit it is a little daunting, because now it seems I’m that much further from being done.

I’m now standing on the edge of a high cliff, the clouds below me so I can’t anything beneath them. But there is so much exhilaration, knowing that below the clouds are answers. I can hear the whispers of answers, but I can’t quite make out the words.

I lean closer over the edge, but I still can’t make out the words.

I take a few steps back, try to talk myself into it. I do a little nervous pacing to the edge and back. I take a few more steps back.

“Come on, you can do it!” I yell to encourage myself.

I take a few more steps back. “Don’t be scared!”

A few more steps back, and a deep breath.

I exhale loudly. “OMG – here I go!” I run at the cliff, too fast to stop now. Here it comes. I close my eyes and my feet leave contact with the ground.

I feel the wind rushing past my face, the noise so loud I can’t hear anything. The clouds are coming up fast; I sink below them.

I blink as everything comes into focus. And I’m filled with such joy and excitement. It all makes sense now. I see all the missing pieces and parts. Now I just have to put them together.

Who knew a shortcut would work? Weird, huh?

Joe TorresJoe Torres writes sci-fi adventure with heart. He is currently working on his first novel, Force of Nature. Joe lives in Gilbert, Ariz., with his wife and either the most amazing child on the planet or a demon from the depths of hell, depending on which side of nap time you find yourself.

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1 Response to Skipping Ahead … a Setback?

  1. Beth Kozan says:

    Joe, you make fiction writing intriguing to this non-fiction devotee. Someday maybe I’ll jump out and in to a fantasy piece! Someday!


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