The Effective Author and Friends: More Gifts for Authors

The Effective Author and Friends: More Gifts for Authors

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Are you stuck when it comes to gifts for authors you love? Do you always think of a thought-that-countsgorgeous, expensive pen? But your friends each have 27 of them. Then what to do for thoughtful gifts?  You came to the right place for ideas.

First, remember that it’s really your caring that comes across when you give someone a gift. The smallest thing, handed over in kindness and love, can be so important. For an author who loves tea, how about a box of foil-wrapped teabags (around $3.50 for 20)? They don’t go stale, and they fit in any purse or conference bag. If you’re on an extreme budget, how about little stacks of 4-5 foil-wrapped teabags, held together with a fine gold ribbon (craft store, $1 for a spool). A handwritten label will set off the cute little stack as you hand it to your friend with love in your heart.

Last year we recommended a number of gifts authors would use every day. Among these were: no-spill glasses and mugs, framed pictures, eye drops, washable keyboards, flash drives, and personalized sticky notes. We even recommended no-fuss healthy snacks, as in, drawer food to keep the writer going when s/he doesn’t want to stop writing to make/find an actual meal.

This year, we have more ideas for you. They come in a range of prices and are all easy to find.

  1. A dimmable salt lamp with extra bulb (up to $40 at Home Depot in 8” diameter globe). Modulates the energy of the author’s work area, as well as offering soft amber light.
  2. Instant hot chocolate mix w/measuring cup and mug w/lid; in decorative tin or large-mouth Kerr-type jar. (Try this recipe at home. Mix well in a gallon ziplock-type bag: 3 quart-envelopes of dry milk, 1/3 c Hershey cocoa powder, ¾ c organic cane sugar. Use 1/3 c mix in your mug and add 10 oz. hot water. Yum!)
  3. Novelty book-themed gifts. A favorite is the shirt that says, “Look out, or you could end up in my novel!” This year, I found a small pillow that says, “Cats, books. Life is sweet.” Perfect for a book lover with cats.cats-and-books-pillow
  4. Prepaid printing at Friend’s Favorite Printer. Call the printer to arrange.
  5. Gift card/s from Favorite Office Store (as little as $10), good toward name tags, banners, flyer printing, business cards, office supplies
  6. Experiential gifts. How about getting your author friend out of the office for several hours? A change of scene would do him/her good! Why not take him/her to the zoo or the botanical garden, wandering about, and having lunch there?

These gifts for authors will celebrate what your author friend loves most: writing. And now you’re no longer stuck for gift ideas. Happy Holidays!

Kebba Buckley Button is a stress management expert and author of the award-winning book, Kebba booksDiscover the Secret Energized You, as well as the 2013 book, Peace Within: Your Peaceful Inner Core, Second Edition. Her newest book, Sacred Meditation: Embracing the Divine, is available through her office. Just email for more info. Like this article? Buy Kebba’s books by clicking the links! Reach the writer at For an appointment or to ask Kebba to speak for your group:

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  1. Beth Kozan says:

    Good ideas, Kebba!


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