Does social media really help sell our books?

Does social media really help sell our books?

by Jack Dermody

Nobody has been more doubtful than I about advertising and selling through social media.gary-webb Making a big scene around all the noise on Facebook, Twitter, etc. seems a gargantuan and, ultimately, futile task.

I think I’ve been proven wrong.

Through social media, specifically Facebook pages, I recently and eagerly bought three books in a three-volume series called Prepare! Publish! Promote! by Dr. Gary Webb. I found them through Facebook pages dedicated to promoting indie authors. No, these are not “free” offers. No, they are not “99-cent” offers. They are full-price promotions that seem really, really effective.

Here are some of the pages I’ve subscribed to:

  • Kindelmojo (Yes, that’s the spelling.)
  • Ebooks on Amazon
  • Book Reviews & Promotion
  • The Best E-book Club
  • Amazon Kindle/eBook Readers UK/Europe/Asia/Africa/
  • Advertise Your Books

I was reeled in as a buyer from the title, first of all. Prepare! Publish! Promote! Heck, that’s what I am all about these days. I could not help but notice the series because the covers would show up in several posts at one time on different Facebook pages. Then, of course, a single click let the Amazon company take over and they offered me a free sample. The price of $2.99 was hard to resist. Then Kindle instant downloading sealed the deal.

Add to this the indisputable evidence that Dr. Gary Webb’s work is thorough. He is not a fly-by-night author with “10 steps to success” in a book under 20,000 words. All three books are meaty, showing tons of experience and expertise.

It gives me great hope that the nonfiction stuff I write just might hold its own against a sea of novels, particularly romance novels that end up being the top sellers. Yes, romance novels were the money-makers yet again in 2016, according to Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords.

I have a love-hate relationship with ebooks. Who doesn’t like instant access to dictionaries and Wikipedia while reading? Isn’t it great to read in bed and not bother your bedmate with a lamplight as you read white print on a black background? And you can put on headphones and hear it when your eyes are tired. On the other hand, I much prefer to hold a printed book and scribble in the margins. I like to see the book on a shelf and visit it occasionally. I like to smell it, touch it, and fall to sleep with it.

Let’s get back to work! Oh I almost forgot. Buy my book. At least check it out. If you need a job, you need Job Interviewers: Get Inside Their Heads. The Kindle version is only $2.99! Thanks.Jack Dermody

Jack Dermody is an expert on classic personality types; national group facilitator and corporate trainer; textbook author in linguistics and psychology; and author of Job Interviewers: Get Inside Their Heads. He is formerly published with Prentice-Hall, ELS Language Services.

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2 Responses to Does social media really help sell our books?

  1. Beth Kozan says:

    Clever! Looks like you learned something for your investment!


  2. Facebook and Twitter advertising allow you to target people with very specific interests. So if you’ve narrowed down who your target audience is, social ads can be very effective.


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