Motivation of an Alcoholic

Motivation of an Alcoholic

by Lara Garcia

Day 1: I hope you slept well, baby boy.

Day 2: Make it your day!

Day 3: It might be hard, but you can do it! Be positive; be thankful.


Day 4: Stay positive and take your vitamins. Do something nice for yourself… For example, take a long shower, shave, and put some cologne on! If you look good, you feel good!

Day 5: Today is a day when you become strong. Remember, a positive mind set will also overcome the impossible!

Day 6: Time to think about what to occupy your time with. What are your body and mind saying? Calm your mind and feel blessed. Good things are within your reach!

Day 7: One week of accomplishment. Today is a day of “hell, yeah!” Let’s make it another week. The weekend is here, so keep your head up and your feet on the ground. A positive mind does wonders – you’ve seen and felt it!

Day 8: Wake up and breathe. There’s a blessing there! Be thankful for another day. What will you do with your TIME? Use that positive thinking and think about what makes you happy.

Day 9: The signs are everywhere. What do they tell you, to be strong or to be weak? You choose what today will bring – it’s all about you. Make it a positive, loving one! Happy Sunday! xoxo

Day 10: Another new week… Make a change that will make you proud of you!



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1 Response to Motivation of an Alcoholic

  1. Paz Gutierrez says:

    We’ll said, sounds like great steps for me to follow, one day out of time, hell yeah, thank you Lara, an lots of luck on your publishing future


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