February, the Month of Love

February, the Month of Love

by Joe Carroccio

We took a brief break from marketing 16 in ’64 in February, this month of love, love, love – but not because of Valentine’s Day or a lack of enthusiasm on our part. Marti became a grandma for the first time. As Marti explained: “I have a very special Valentine this year! My beautiful, perfect grandson was born. He is just the best little man at 6 pounds, 15 ounces. Always remember, my little valentine, William: You are loved and we are all blessed!”


Congratulations to Marti and her family!

Now, back to work…

We did our first book signing of 2017, on Saturday, January 28th at Zia Records’ Tempe, Arizona store, located at 3201 S. Mill Avenue. It was fun and productive, PR-wise. In March, we will do our next signing at Zia Records’ Thunderbird store, located at 2510 W. Thunderbird Road in Phoenix.

We still want to do book signings at Zia’s two Tucson locations, but have no firm dates as of now. We take this opportunity to thank Zia for its great support!

I will be speaking with M.I.M. (the Musical Instrument Museum) regarding the possibility of working with them on a Global Beatles Day celebration in June and on John Lennon’s birthday celebration in September.


As we mentioned previously, Marti will be attending The Fest for Beatles Fans, August 11-13 in Chicago, and most likely speak at the event.

I continue to make additions and revisions to our website, 16in64.com. Please visit for new book reviews and other interesting information.

Finally, for now, my vision for 16 in ’64, from its conception, has been to make this wonderful true story into a movie. I’m just putting it out there that we still need a producer!

Thanks, and blessings to all who have and continue support us.

______________________Joe Carroccio
Joe Carroccio is the coauthor of 16 in ’64: The Beatles and the Baby Boomers. Learn more at: 16in64.com.

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1 Response to February, the Month of Love

  1. Bettertown says:

    Congratulations Joe to Marti and her beautiful family! What a way to celebrate the Love month! Glad to see you again here in this awesome community!


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