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Grammar Accord: Be Sure Your Nouns and Pronouns Agree

Grammar Accord: Be Sure Your Nouns and Pronouns Agree by Kathleen Watson If you remember early grammar lessons, you’ll recall that a noun is a person, place or thing: man | village | car The man drove to a nearby … Continue reading

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From dreams to reality… literally

From dreams to reality… literally by Ross Caligiuri It’s late at night and you are drifting in and out of the warm world that exists between awake and asleep. Suddenly, the ever-changing geometric patterns pulsing quickly through an array of … Continue reading

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Verbal Assassin

Verbal Assassin by Brad Graber Have you ever wondered what it might take to completely destroy your self-confidence? An unkind word? A nasty look? A physical interaction? Or just a stray comment made lightly – without much thought – by … Continue reading

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Now in Print: “A Passion for Planning”

Now in Print: A Passion for Planning by Matthew Howard Writing for this blog every month has been a great way to organize my thoughts into “advice columns” on topics related to writing and self-publishing. Enthusiastic responses from my writing … Continue reading

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Steampunk: Tales of Future Past

Steampunk: Tales of Future Past by Vaughn Treude Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction that has become quite popular in recent years. As the name implies, it features steam-era technology in a historical or fantasy setting. It has also … Continue reading

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Tips for Writing Comedy

Tips for Writing Comedy by Cody Wagner As everyone who’s read my posts knows, I’m pretty dang hilarious. Now, that may seem really cocky, but it’s really not! Why? Because no one reads my posts. Thus, no one thinks I’m … Continue reading

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Reviewing “Shar’s Story”

Reviewing Shar’s Story by Beth Kozan I guess it shouldn’t have surprised me when, in 1993, my supervisor told me she is a birth mother. Three times at that first adoption agency I worked for, I was told by a … Continue reading

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