Now in Print: “A Passion for Planning”

Now in Print: A Passion for Planning

by Matthew Howard

Writing for this blog every month has been a great way to organize my thoughts into “advice columns” on topics related to writing and self-publishing. Enthusiastic responses from my writing workshop groups convinced me I was on the right track. Experienced authors affirmed my advice, and aspiring authors were grateful to have things explained to them clearly.

In February, I compiled my columns, added new material, and produced a booklet called A Passion for Planning: Nine Things I Wish I Knew Before Making My First Book.

I asked for feedback from current customers and new members of the weekly authors’ workshop I started this month. (Join us on They made great suggestions, and it’s a better book for it. Passion for Planning is available in paperback and Kindle for $9.95, and in PDF as a customer giveaway.


This quick-start guide to the world of self-publishing will get you up and running on your first book. It helps you answer the most important questions and make decisions that lead to a successful self-publishing project. In just nine short chapters, this easy read will demystify ideas about writing, marketing, budgeting, and choosing a platform to distribute your book.

By focusing on what you need to plan from the beginning, you will keep your costs down, avoid common mistakes, and nurture the passion that got you thinking about a book in the first place. A Passion for Planning is an indispensable guide to all the things you don’t yet know – but need to.

Now Available on Kindle for $9.95

Available in Paperback for $9.95.

_______________________Matthew Howard
Matthew Howard is a self-publishing author who supports award-winning authors and business professionals in writing, editing, designing, and self-publishing their work for global distribution in paperback and ebook formats.

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