It’s Spring and the Beat Goes On!

It’s Spring and the Beat Goes On!

by Joe Carroccio

beatles in america

Marti and I did our second book signing of 2017, in support of 16 in ’64: The Beatles and the Baby Boomers, on Saturday, March 11th, at the Zia Records located at 2510 W. Thunderbird Road in Phoenix. As always, it was fun, entertaining, and PR productive.

We still want to do book signings at Zia’s two Tucson locations, and it looks like those may be upcoming in June or July.

I called, left voicemail, and emailed my contact at the M.I.M. (Musical Instrument Museum) with regard to possibly working with them on the Global Beatles Day celebration in June as well as John Lennon’s birthday celebration in September. I’ve had no response as of yet but will continue to work on it. Persistence is one of the keys to any success.

As we mentioned in several previous posts, Marti will be attending The Fest for Beatle Fans in fest for beatles fansChicago in August and will most likely speak at the event. We are waiting to hear from the festival management for details.

As always, I continue to make additions and revisions to our website, Please check the site regularly for new book reviews and other interesting information.

Finally, we are still seeking a movie producer! So far my Facebook outreach has been unproductive, but this is my #1 priority so I will be working on it over the next 6 months.

Thanks, and blessings to all who have and continue to support us.

_________________Joe Carroccio

Joe Carroccio is the coauthor of 16 in ’64: The Beatles and the Baby Boomers. Learn more at:

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