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Actors, Dancers, Singers or Writers?

Actors, Dancers, Singers or Writers? by Mary Ellen Stepanich Do you ever have difficulty getting along with someone in your acquaintance? Is there someone you know who treats you like you’re covered in filth, despite all your attempts to get … Continue reading

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Little Free Libraries

Little Free Libraries by Barbara Renner Take a book. Leave a book. That’s the basic concept of the Little Free Library (LFL), a free book exchange housed in a small wooden box where anyone may take a book to read … Continue reading

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AP Stumbles on Gender-Neutral Pronouns and Possessives

AP Stumbles on Gender-Neutral Pronouns and Possessives by Kathleen Watson I had barely written my last post, in part about pronoun agreement, when the Associated Press announced it was changing its guidelines for noun/pronoun agreement when gender is an issue. … Continue reading

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Those Rare, Poopy but Somehow Wonderful Moments

Those Rare, Poopy but Somehow Wonderful Moments by Eva Flowerday Pause for just a moment, sit back, and give yourself a dose of the best medicine known to mankind: laughter. I have quite the entertaining – yet completely true – … Continue reading

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Wait for it… Wait for it…

Wait for it… Wait for it… by Lara Garcia We all catch ourselves procrastinating at one time or another. I never used to be a person who put things off. I would always have my list and check it off … Continue reading

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What I Learned My First Year as an Author

What I Learned My First Year as an Author by Janine R. Pestel I began writing in February 2016 and have been writing for a little over a year. In the past 14 months, I have self-published one novella, one … Continue reading

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Don’t Know Much About History*

Don’t Know Much About History* by Vaughn Treude To be successful, works of historical fiction – or those of a quasi-historical genre – need to have an air of authenticity. Thousands of readers would love to catch an author in … Continue reading

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GOOOOAAAAAAAAAAL!!!! (Said like a soccer announcer)

GOOOOAAAAAAAAAAL!!!! (Said like a soccer announcer) by Cody Wagner For this post, I’m going to go back to basics. But don’t skip over it! For serious! I think this topic is so absolutely crucial. It’s one of the most prevalent … Continue reading

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Good Girl Grows Up

Good Girl Grows Up by Beth Kozan Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be? This was the Facebook meme tonight that triggered some memories … What made me (and a few others) … Continue reading

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Power of the Group: Grab Your Author Friends and Hold a Group Reading!

Power of the Group: Grab Your Author Friends and Hold a Group Reading! by Laura Orsini Every other month, the Phoenix Publishing & Book Promotion Meetup holds a group reading event. Authors have the chance to read from their published … Continue reading

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