Upbeat Living: How Free Do You Feel?

Upbeat Living: How Free Do You Feel?

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How free do you feel today? What does “freedom” mean to you, or what could it mean? If you are living in the U.S., then you know very well that this country was founded on principles of religious freedom. And political freedom. And economic freedom. All of those. After the Colonies decided they needed massively more freedom, their Declaration of Independence – from Great Britain – was passed by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776.

So for 241 years, this country has been committed to freedom, to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” for all people. The Declaration of Independence asserts that these are among certain inalienable rights given to all by our Creator, and that governments are obligated to protect those rights. And yes, women and Blacks were specifically reassigned some of these rights in later legislation. We continue to refine ways to ensure that everyone really has those rights.

So, do you feel free to pursue your life and happiness? Each of us has the right to pursue our life choices as we please. I have known people who exercised their right to choose in ways that seemed risky or even dangerous. Think of Evel Knievel, the motorcycle stunt performer. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Knievel had had 20 crashes and 433 bone breaks by 1975. Asked why he was choosing this lifestyle, Knievel said, “I really wanted to fly through the air.” He was exercising his freedom to choose, to follow his passions. His passions, in turn, uplifted and filled him.

In the 13th Century, the Sufi mystic poet Rumi wrote,

“Freedom is oxygen to the soul.”

In what became the last year of his life, Knievel turned his attention to a new passionate pursuit: experiencing God. He explained that in the past, he had wanted to pursue values that he now saw as bad. Knievel spoke passionately about his experience of Christ in 2007, on Robert H. Schuller’s television program, Hour of Power, broadcast from California’s Crystal Cathedral. Knievel, obviously in ill health and struggling for breath, said there is no feeling like being filled with Jesus.

While he was speaking most excitedly, his breathing problem disappeared. He said he was now seeking different things in his life, mainly a relationship with Jesus. Only eight months later, Knievel died, oddly not of injuries from his daredevil escapades, but of pulmonary fibrosis. And he died feeling free. In his life, he flew through the air, he became very rich, he married twice, he had four children, and he found a close relationship with the Divine. He made choices that gave him the kinds of freedom he wanted, at different points in his life.

How free do you feel today? Are you exercising your right to pursue a fulfilling life? Why not journal your thoughts, acknowledge what is holding you back, pray for help, and get going down your freedom road? Why not start now?

And that’s Upbeat Livingsm!

Kebba Buckley Button is a stress management expert and author of the award-winning Kebba booksbook, Discover the Secret Energized You, as well as the 2013 book, Peace Within: Your Peaceful Inner Core, Second Edition. Her newest book, Sacred Meditation: Embracing the Divine, is available through her office. Just email SacredMeditation@kebba.com for more info. Like this article? Buy Kebba’s books by clicking the links! Reach the writer at kebba@kebba.com. For an appointment or to ask Kebba to speak for your group: calendar@kebba.com.

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