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Low-Cost Book Promotion: How I Engage People at Book Events

Low-Cost Book Promotion: How I Engage People at Book Events by Kathleen Watson When my Grammar for People Who Hate Rules: Killer Tips from the Ruthless Editor came out in August 2016, I was not exactly a marketing novice; I … Continue reading

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Bite the Bullet, Not the Bait

Bite the Bullet, Not the Bait Patricia Grady Cox You’ve worked for years on your novel or nonfiction book. Written, researched, rewritten, edited, and polished. You’ve written your query letters to send with synopsis or book proposal. You’ve attended conferences … Continue reading

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The Difference Between an Entrepreneur and a Business Owner

The Difference Between an Entrepreneur and a Business Owner by Justin Larson, of After several years of working with many business owners and entrepreneurs who are just starting out, I have noticed a few key differences between the two. … Continue reading

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Announcing Steampunk Desperado

Announcing Steampunk Desperado by Vaugh Treude In the early days of self-publishing, an ambitious writer could accomplish a lot on social media. It was relatively easy for an outsider to sneak into the public eye through perseverance and clever use … Continue reading

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Joe Carroccio – We’ll Miss You!

Joe Carroccio – We’ll Miss You! by Marti Edwards I am sorry to bear the sad news of the passing of my dear friend and coauthor, Joe Carroccio. As you may know, Joe was diagnosed with ALS earlier this year. … Continue reading

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The Effective Author: Heart Juice and Gratitude for Authors

The Effective Author: Heart Juice and Gratitude for Authors © 2017 Kebba Buckley Button, MS, OM. World Rights Reserved. This year, I have often had the sensation that my heart was dry. It’s better when my heart is juicy. Everything … Continue reading

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Anthropomorphic Animals

Anthropomorphic Animals by Rita Goldner For decades I’ve had first-hand experience with anthropomorphizing animals, i.e. giving them human characteristics. I had a business making mascot costumes, mostly for fast food franchises. Whenever I could, I talked my clients into letting … Continue reading

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