Joe Carroccio – We’ll Miss You!

Joe Carroccio – We’ll Miss You!

by Marti Edwards

Joe CarroccioI am sorry to bear the sad news of the passing of my dear friend and coauthor, Joe Carroccio. As you may know, Joe was diagnosed with ALS earlier this year. He passed away on October 6, 2017.

Joe loved to promote and write about our book, 16 in ’64: The Beatles & The Baby Boomers. When Joe first saw my unpublished Beatle photos, heard my story about starting a Beatles fan club at age 15, and learned of my struggle to present a plaque to The Beatles at their 1964 Chicago press conference, he told me that I must write a book to share with other fans. He shared his expertise with me and helped me keep my writing on schedule; we published our book last year.

Joe promoted our book at events and signings. We were invited to appear as guest authors at The Fest for Beatles Fans in Chicago this past August. However by August, Joe was too ill to attend; nevertheless, he insisted that I go. I met so many authors, spoke on presentation and discussion panels, was interviewed by a Chicago radio D.J., and met so many fans of all age groups.

While there, I was asked to place our book in a special library because we were considered “primary sources” of those times, and the book was “a little capsule of history” of that era. The library that I refer to is The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Library and Archives. Joe was so happy to hear that we had achieved that success. I received a lovely letter from the Senior Director of the Library and Joe wanted me to frame it.

Being the habitual promoter, while at his assisted living facility, Joe (with the help of my husband, Mike) planned a fundraising event for ALS. Many of Joe’s jazz, blues and rock musician friends (those he had played with over the years – he played bass guitar) agreed to put on a jam session concert to help raise funds for ALS. It became additionally a “Celebration of Life” for Joe when he passed away so suddenly. His friends played with smiles on their faces and tears in their hearts. We raised more than $2,000, with money still coming in. I also plan to donate a portion of the proceeds of our book’s future sales to the ALS Arizona Association.

I will miss Joe’s creativity, tenacity, humor, wit, and dedication. He was truly a great friend and I feel privileged to have known him. Rest in peace, Joe.

“Love is all you need”

Marti Edwards

__________________________Marti Edwards

Marti Edwards is a wife, mother, artist, photographer, and writer. She is the coauthor, along with Joe Carrooccio, of 16 in ’64: The Beatles and the Baby Boomers, about her efforts to form a Beatles fan club in Chicago and present a plaque to the Fab Four during their visit to The Windy City.


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4 Responses to Joe Carroccio – We’ll Miss You!

  1. bchatzkel says:

    Marti – Joe’s spirit lives on in 16 in ’64. You have lost a good friend.


  2. Beth Kozan says:

    So sad to hear of Joe’s untimely death. I’m glad you listened to him and went to Chicago, and hope you’ll stay involved in the Beatles’ legacy. Best wishes.


  3. Marti, what a moving and heartfelt tribute to your friend and co-author, Joe Carroccio.


  4. Celebrating his new place of being.


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