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Elliot’s Big Adventure

Elliot’s Big Adventure by Beth Kozan It was 1989. Elliot had a big birthday coming up; in December, he would turn 50. I was spooked about my men and their decade-marking birthdays. My first husband, Doug, left me and our … Continue reading

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The Effective Author: The Power of Colors in Your Workspace

The Effective Author: The Power of Colors in Your Workspace © 2017 Kebba Buckley Button, MS, OM. World Rights Reserved. You, as an author, may not think much about the look of your workspace – least of all the colors … Continue reading

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Adaptation vs. Extinction

Adaptation vs. Extinction by Rita Goldner I’ve always admired the ability of successful entrepreneurs to predict trends – or at least to sense impending trouble and jump out of the way. My husband Dave has this skill, and years ago, … Continue reading

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