The Effective Author: The Best Way to Spill Your Guts

The Effective Author: The Best Way to Spill Your Guts

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As human beings, we all have passions and sometimes need to “spill our guts.” With anger or frustration, we occasionally urgently need to “get it all out,” even to erupt with emotions – to express emphatically, loudly, suddenly, and preferably to a person or two who will listen, right now. Maybe we look to our roommate, our spouse, our grown kid. Maybe we call Mom. But maybe, when we need to express that passion, no one is available, or no one is in the mood to be a listener right now. Some turn to Facebook and Twitter, but those are not the safest places to post something you might later wish had stayed private. As writers and authors, we have multiple satisfying options. Here are my top two favorites.

Option 1. Attempt to recruit a human listener. Try to lead a friend into a conversation on the thing that’s upsetting you. Start with “Hello!” or “Happy New Year!” (or Wednesday, or another context greeting). Follow up by asking how the friend is, or ask how their week is going. Try to really listen. They may have a bigger Hot Issue than you do, and you may want to offer to be their listener. If not, when they reply, “Well, and how are you?” say honestly that you have something on your mind or on your heart, and you would appreciate some feedback. Would the friend have a few minutes to listen and consider your Hot Topic?

Option 2. Skip the human listener and journal it. Spill your guts onto paper, or into your computer. Write it! If you are out and about, your smart phone will receive your passions in its Notes section or audio recorder. How fast can your thumbs move to key in your Hot Topics? Also, most smart phones have an app into which you can speak, and spilling your guts verbally to that app may be more satisfying. You may want to look into apps that will record your voice and turn your words into text. Regardless of the way you record your thoughts and feelings, you can use those notes later for essays, fiction plot lines, character development, quote posters, and even greeting cards. Plus, it’s wonderful free therapy.

Choose your time, place, and method to spill your guts. Over time, you’ll be happier and also have lots of rich material for future projects. That’s you: The Effective Authorsm!


Kebba Buckley Button is an ordained minister whose passion is helping people find 20180301 3-Book Collagetheir Peace Within. She is also a stress management expert with a natural healing practice. She is the author of the award-winning book, Discover The Secret Energized You, available on Amazon, plus Inspirations for Peace Within: Quotes and Images to Uplift and Inspire. IPW is available on Amazon in full-color glossy format. Her newest book is Sacred Meditation: Embracing the Divine, soon to be on Amazon, also in full-color. For the full-color PDF versions, contact the office. For an appointment or to ask Kebba to speak for your group:

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1 Response to The Effective Author: The Best Way to Spill Your Guts

  1. Beth Kozan says:

    Great advice, Kebba! I journal and call it ‘writing it out.’


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