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The Charms and Delights of Pie

The Charms and Delights of Pie by C. K. Thomas “Can she bake a cherry pie, Billy Boy, Billy Boy?” I can remember picking cherries from a big ol’ fruit tree in my aunt’s backyard in Galveston, Indiana. With cherry … Continue reading

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Bravery Defined

Bravery Defined by Barbara Renner I’ve been following Laura Orisini’s blog, Eric’s Other Mother, and was inspired to write my blog this month about bravery. Mainly because, well, Laura challenged her readers “to share the bravest thing they’ve done so … Continue reading

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Finding Your Audience

Finding Your Audience by Patricia Grady Cox Just write a good book, and your audience will find you. Ever hear that advice? I have. But I don’t believe it. I believe you have to actively market and promote your work … Continue reading

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Help! I’m Having A Flashback

Help! I’m Having A Flashback by Beth Kozan Dateline: 2-15-2018. I can’t quiet my mind. All the television channels are playing and replaying yesterday’s coverage of a school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Seeing the … Continue reading

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The Effective Author: Get More Done by Taking Breaks

The Effective Author: Get More Done by Taking Breaks © 2018 Kebba Buckley Button, MS, OM. World Rights Reserved. One of the great ironies of life is that we can actually get more done by taking breaks! A timer, … Continue reading

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Renewal by Rita Goldner The concept of renewal might be contemplated in the context of Easter, or the Resurrection. Although I give deference to this religious significance, my blog musings, as usual, are about animals and nature. Last month, the … Continue reading

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