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Dream the Movie, Write the Novel

Dream the Movie, Write the Novel by Marcus A. Nannini So you want to write, to apply an extremely overused phrase, the great American novel. Wow! Not exactly an original opening on my part, and just about now you have … Continue reading

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1930s Country Sayings

1930s Country Sayings by C. K. Thomas My mother grew up on an Indiana farm in a family that included four older brothers. Sometimes I imagine hearing the echo of her brothers’ words as she surprised me with her colorful … Continue reading

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Curious Sayings

Curious Sayings by Barbara Renner It’s raining cats and dogs! This isn’t unusual here at our summer home in northwestern Minnesota, where it rains at least once a week, sometimes all week long. How else would the corn grow so … Continue reading

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And Time Goes By …

And Time Goes By . . . by Patricia Grady Cox I had a wonderful idea for a blog post. Really. The greatest! Then I looked and saw I had already written about it. It’s on my author blog, not … Continue reading

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The Effective Author: The Joy of New Words

The Effective Author: The Joy of New Words © 2018 Kebba Buckley Button, MS, OM. World Rights Reserved. Attention, all writers: words should be fun! To play with words is a writer’s delight. Recently, I was driving along a … Continue reading

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The Axolotl

The Axolotl by Rita Goldner My blog readers have come to expect observations on an array of unfamiliar and sometimes bizarre animals. I find unusual animals not only fascinating from a scientific perspective, but also inspiring, especially if their lifestyle … Continue reading

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