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Spam, More Spam, and Spamatizers!tm

Spam, More Spam, and Spamatizers!TM by Marcus A. Nannini About one year ago, I set my email filters to send everything to spam except for messages from senders who were in my address book. Each day since then, I awake … Continue reading

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Like a Pay Car Passin’ a Tramp

Like a Pay Car Passin’ a Tramp by C.K. Thomas My last post introduced many 1930s sayings I learned as a child from my mother, who grew up in a household with four older brothers. Her language reflected the boisterous … Continue reading

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How to Be a Winner

How to Be a Winner by Barbara Renner Most of you know by now that Hubby and I drive north from Arizona to Minnesota for the summer. We do this for three reasons: cooler weather, fish, and golf. “Huh? Golf?” … Continue reading

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Someone Else’s Book Signing

Someone Else’s Book Signing by Patricia Grady Cox It’s a little unusual to promote someone else’s work as part of a marketing plan. However, I feel a need to share the experience I had when I attended a book signing … Continue reading

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The Joy of Audiobooks

The Joy of Audiobooks by Vaughn Treude When I was a teenager, I had a blind friend who listened to books on vinyl records. At the time, it never occurred to me that these could also be good for sighted … Continue reading

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The Effective Author: What Will Your Legacy Be?

The Effective Author: What Will Your Legacy Be? © 2018 Kebba Buckley Button, MS, OM. World Rights Reserved. Since my beloved mother passed away last year, I have had many thoughts about legacy. As we go through thousands of … Continue reading

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Predator and Prey Eyes

Predator and Prey Eyes by Rita Goldner As authors, we often use eyes as a metaphor for something else, like insight, perception, or the ability to foretell. For this post, I’m starting with a literal discussion of eyes: their pupil … Continue reading

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