The Effective Author: What Will Your Legacy Be?

The Effective Author: What Will Your Legacy Be?

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Legacy - what will yours be

Since my beloved mother passed away last year, I have had many thoughts about legacy. As we go through thousands of letters and photos, and as we sort the objects in her house, to divide and conquer, certain questions keep revolving in my heart and mind. What was the meaning of Mom’s life and work, or of anyone’s life? And how do you know? At Mom’s memorial service, her love of flowers was reflected in the giant bouquet selected for a centerpiece in front of the altar. Her love of sharing adventures was reflected in a grandchild’s enthusiastic eulogy.

At the lunch, Mom’s sparkling love of others was evident in the joyful exclamations of neighbors, church friends, and her exercise instructor, all describing how she inspired them and how they enjoyed her. Her love of spice cake was revealed by a kitchen volunteer, who explained that Mom always said it one was her favorite; I had to have a piece. Outside the church, Mom’s love of gardening was reflected in the landscaping around every corner of the building. Unafraid of hard work, ever, over several decades she had turned a barren rectilinear building design into a lovely destination, complete with garden courtyards. Mom’s legacy was in the hearts and conversations of those enthusing about her, and planted around the church grounds for many to enjoy for decades to come.

If you are an author, legacy may seem obvious: you are leaving a trail of articles, short stories, and books in your wake. Also, there is much digital evidence to prove you lived, and how. There are social media trails, the radio interviews, book reviews, podcasts, and Zoom recordings of your webinars. Perhaps there are even TV shows. In addition to reading your writings, people will be viewing your sweet face for unimaginable years into the future. So what will be the core of your legacy? How do you want to be remembered, and for what? Make a list now, and make time to ponder how the body of your writings and other expressions synch up with the values and goals on your list.

Everything in your digital world counts. You may want to write cleaner or more positive comments on social media. Or you may want to eliminate bitter social criticism and step up to support organizations that do work to further your values. Imagine people looking at your sweet face and body of work several decades from now. What they think and say about you will be your legacy. Only you can work now to create the living and final legacies you want. Make your moments count! And that’s you, being The Effective Authorsm!

Kebba Buckley Button
is a stress management expert. She also has a natural healing Kebba books 2017practice and is an ordained minister. She is the author of the award-winning book, Discover The Secret Energized You, plus Sacred Meditation: Embracing the Divine, available through her office. Just email Kebba’s newest book is the full-color Inspirations for Peace Within: Quotes and Images to Uplift and Inspire, also available through her office. For an appointment or to ask Kebba to speak for your group:

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3 Responses to The Effective Author: What Will Your Legacy Be?

  1. Darlene Lewis says:

    Thanks for a very timely article. I’m trying to impress this on my family. I hope by posting this on Face Book, it will have an impression on others. Well done!


  2. brad217 says:

    Kebba – an excellent reminder of the true meaning of our journey in life. Thank you for sharing.


  3. Beth Kozan says:

    Thanks for the inspiration, Kebba. It’s good to be reminded!


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