The Effective Author: Patience

The Effective Author: Patience

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One of today’s biggest sources of stress is our own desire for things to happen just the way we want them, and preferably, right this minute. We each have our own phones and can quickly call anywhere in the world. If we forget someone’s birthday, we can text them immediately and add little bits of mood art called “emojis.” There’s no need to hunt for a card, a stamp, and the person’s address. If we want to pay a bill, we can log in to that account, click a few times, and it’s done. There’s no looking for the checkbook, the envelope, or a stamp. Is it possible we are a bit spoiled?

So when the laptop is loading slowly, how aggravated do we get waiting an extra 30 seconds? Or how about when the system announces, “Don’t turn off the computer; updates are being installed”? Oh, how agonizing that extra two minutes can be.

Author and productivity expert David G. Allen says, “Patience is the acceptance that things can happen in a different order than the one you have in your mind.” I recently ordered new wheels for my car. I was to receive a call within several business days when the wheels arrived and planned to go in to have them installed and the pressure sensors set. However, the next day one tire collapsed on my way home from a meeting, and it was nearly 100 degrees! I rolled my eyes when I heard that weird lubby-dubby sound and pulled over to consider my options. Put on the spare? Not in high heels, suit, and 100-degree weather. Call for a tow? No, too dramatic. Call husband to put on the spare? No, too much time and effort. Drive to the nearest Discount Tire? That was it. And with new wheels due within two days, so what if the rim got a little bent? Things were not happening in the order I had in mind! But I took a patient approach and drove slowly (for Phoenix) to the nearest Discount Tire. And now I have a new tire on that wheel.

And the new chrome wheels? Oh, yes, they came and were beautiful! But they did not fit the front wheel positions. So it’s time again to take a patient approach, until the slightly different wheels come from overseas. That could take 40 days. I’m exhaling and dropping my shoulders.

In a larger example, after four decades developing it, my business is finally coming to the level I have wanted. I am working with more advanced clients than ever before. I now have four books on Amazon and several guidebooks. As St. Teresa of Avila said, “Patience achieves all things.”

The late author Maya Angelou built a body of work over a 50-year span: essays, poetry, autobiographies, plays, television productions. In her lifetime, Dr. Angelou sang, danced, served as a foreign correspondent, filled multiple roles in Public Television, and became known for her kind and dignified ways of encouraging social change. She summed up the need for patience: “All great achievements require time.”

So, here is another way to be ever more The Effective Authorsm. Just keep working and occasionally check your direction. And do it patiently. And it will happen.

“Patience is a conquering virtue.”
— Geoffrey Chaucer

* * *

“The two most powerful warriors are patience & time.”
— Leo Tolstoy

Kebba Buckley Button is a stress management expert with a natural healing practice. She Kebba books 2017also is an ordained minister whose passion is helping people find their Peace Within. She is the author of the award-winning book, Discover The Secret Energized You, available on Amazon, plus Inspirations for Peace Within: Quotes and Images to Uplift and InspireIPW is available on Amazon in full-color glossy format. Her newest book is Sacred Meditation: Embracing the Divine, also on Amazon in full-color. For full-color PDF versions, contact her office. For an appointment or to ask Kebba to speak for your group:

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