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Why I like the Tucson Festival of Books

Why I like the Tucson Festival of Books by Katrina Shawver I first attended the Tucson Festival of Books four years ago. I now count it as an annual “don’t miss” event. Everything about it is a winner. Last year, … Continue reading

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What Do I LOVE about Marketing and Promotion?

What Do I LOVE about Marketing and Promotion? by Patricia Grady Cox Yes, that was a trick question. Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about love, but there is nothing I love about marketing/promotion. I don’t know a single person … Continue reading

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Comma Kathy talks Common Comma Error

Comma Kathy talks Common Comma Error: Conjunction ‘and’ Doesn’t Always Need One Early in my career as an independent business writer, I produced hundreds of newsletters. They provided reliable, predictable income – ideal for someone operating as a freelancer. At … Continue reading

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The Community Christmas Tree

The Community Christmas Tree by Beth Kozan I’d love to be in Texas this Christmas Eve, but I won’t be, so let me tell you about Christmas Eve at Carr’s Chapel in the rural community of Harmony, on the South … Continue reading

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Joe Carroccio – We’ll Miss You!

Joe Carroccio – We’ll Miss You! by Marti Edwards I am sorry to bear the sad news of the passing of my dear friend and coauthor, Joe Carroccio. As you may know, Joe was diagnosed with ALS earlier this year. … Continue reading

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Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe by Rita Goldner Today I am chillin’ among the cool mountain pines at Lake Tahoe. This is a short retreat I take with my husband Dave every year. For him, it’s various water sports; for me, plein air … Continue reading

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My Encounter With a Social Media Tutor

My Encounter With a Social Media Tutor by Mary Ellen Stepanich For three days and nights, from July 20 through July 22, 2017, I attended the Midwest Writers Workshop at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. I don’t know how … Continue reading

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