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What’s In a Name?

What’s In a Name? by Beth Kozan Continuing the series on meaningful book titles, here is another book whose title was meaningful to me; it came at a time I needed it. The title was Thank You for Being Such … Continue reading

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Three Book Titles That Changed My Life

Three Book Titles That Changed My Life by Beth Kozan Choosing the title for your book is important. You can change lives with a good title! Thirty years ago, while in the stress-filled world of work, I often had trouble … Continue reading

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Selecting a title with mass appeal

Selecting a title with mass appeal by Patrick Hodges I have been working feverishly over the last month finishing up the rough draft for my second book, which I have tentatively called Kelsey’s Crush. But the more I think about … Continue reading

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Books Begging to be Opened

Books Begging to be Opened by Cheryl Thomas Who knows what might spark an idea for the perfect book title? Inspiration might come from a favorite beverage like whiskey sour, a lethal plant like nightshade, or a room in the … Continue reading

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Perceptions of Book Titles

Perceptions of Book Titles by P.J. Hultstrand I saw in a random blog that the phrase “time conquers all” was depressing. This phrase is affixed above a clock in the Dymocks Building in Sydney, Australia. I remember seeing this building … Continue reading

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