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Is My Character Finished?

Is My Character Finished? by Joe Torres This is a tough question. Well, it’s not a tough question, as much as it’s a tough answer. At first you think, yeah, the character is finished. But then I happen to be … Continue reading

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Character Personalities

Character Personalities by Elijah Shoemaker When I started writing my first novel, coincidentally the novel that I am working on at present, I began with your basic brainstorming/mind-mapping/prewriting methods. It was extremely haphazard, since I honestly had next to no … Continue reading

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The Wisdom of Writing Character Profiles

The Wisdom of Writing Character Profiles by C.K. Thomas   Using a computer program designed for writing fiction gives me an opportunity to write detailed profiles of each of my novel’s characters. Those profiles are stowed neatly in an area … Continue reading

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