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Input from Others Can Improve Your Output as an Author

Input from Others Can Improve Your Output as an Author by Barbara Renner I wrote my first two picture books while living in a small town in northwest Minnesota for the summer. Enthralled with the state bird, the Common Loon, … Continue reading

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Targeted Communication

Targeted Communication by Rita Goldner We authors often discuss at marketing meetings how important it is to have a specific target, an actual person’s profile in mind when writing marketing copy, designing ads, and posting on social media sites. This … Continue reading

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White Privilege and Diversity

White Privilege and Diversity by Rita Goldner During my recent weekend in Los Angeles for the LA Times  Festival of  Books, I had the opportunity to meet and talk at length with Valerie Foster, one of the eight other authors … Continue reading

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Making Marks

Making Marks by Rita Goldner My illustration for today is a page from my work-in-progress coloring book Making Marks. It’s my interpretation of the cave paintings in Lascaux, France. These Paleolithic cave paintings, discovered in Lascaux in 1940, are thought … Continue reading

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Audio Books for Children

Audio Books for Children by John Mahoney Are you a children’s book author? Do you wish to be? The following information is for those who are contemplating becoming part of the incredible and exploding world of audio books for children. … Continue reading

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Left Brain/Right Brain

Left Brain/Right Brain by Rita Goldner The popular left-brain/right-brain theory was proposed by Roger Sperry, Nobel Prize winner in 1981. His findings have recently been debunked by brain scientists, but at that time he thought that people had a dominant … Continue reading

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Resolutions   by Rita Goldner When my colleagues at Phoenix Book Publishing and Promotion launched this blog in October, we each picked a recurring date for our posts. I arbitrarily picked the first of the month, with no especially compelling reason … Continue reading

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