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Anthropomorphic Animals

Anthropomorphic Animals by Rita Goldner For decades I’ve had first-hand experience with anthropomorphizing animals, i.e. giving them human characteristics. I had a business making mascot costumes, mostly for fast food franchises. Whenever I could, I talked my clients into letting … Continue reading

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Have Books; Will Travel

Have Books; Will Travel by Barbara Renner I’ve written books, and I’m willing to travel to make sales. Selling books can be wet, hot, and downright frightening. As Sunbirds, my husband and I escape to Minnesota for the summer. That’s … Continue reading

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Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe by Rita Goldner Today I am chillin’ among the cool mountain pines at Lake Tahoe. This is a short retreat I take with my husband Dave every year. For him, it’s various water sports; for me, plein air … Continue reading

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White Privilege and Diversity

White Privilege and Diversity by Rita Goldner During my recent weekend in Los Angeles for the LA Times  Festival of  Books, I had the opportunity to meet and talk at length with Valerie Foster, one of the eight other authors … Continue reading

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Picture Books: Integral to Children’s Learning

Picture Books: Integral to Children’s Learning by Rita Goldner As an illustrator and a former teacher, I’ve always felt that visual art is a crucial part of public education. However, when school budget committees debate its merits, especially during times … Continue reading

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Fun Facts

Fun Facts by Rita Goldner Social media marketers in general, and specifically book marketers, are often looking for obscure holidays they can commemorate with a tie-in to a current work. One you may have overlooked this past month was the … Continue reading

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Making Marks

Making Marks by Rita Goldner My illustration for today is a page from my work-in-progress coloring book Making Marks. It’s my interpretation of the cave paintings in Lascaux, France. These Paleolithic cave paintings, discovered in Lascaux in 1940, are thought … Continue reading

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