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Targeted Communication

Targeted Communication by Rita Goldner We authors often discuss at marketing meetings how important it is to have a specific target, an actual person’s profile in mind when writing marketing copy, designing ads, and posting on social media sites. This … Continue reading

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Building Bridges, Not Walls

Building Bridges, Not Walls by Dr. Loni Welcome to August 13th, the 225th day of the year, Fidel Castro’s birthday, and in 1961, the day construction of the Berlin Wall began in East Germany. Given the tragically eventful world in … Continue reading

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Write for those who move their lips when they read

Write for those who move their lips when they read by Steve Meissner I began using the basic Brooklyn wisdom in the title of this post when I was teaching journalism. It wasn’t original, but it was useful. Write clear, … Continue reading

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Three Kick Ass Steps to Getting Through Mercury Retrograde

Three Kick Ass Steps to Getting Through Mercury Retrograde by Alicia Fields   So what in the heck is Mercury Retrograde and what does it have to do with me? you may be asking. Mercury retrograde occurs when, from Earth’s … Continue reading

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