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Dialogue Basics

Dialogue Basics by Patrick Hodges If there is one thing I’ve learned a lot about over the last year – as a writer, a reader, and an editor – it’s how NOT to write dialogue. And believe me, I have … Continue reading

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It’s a Duesy! It’s a Doozy! It’s a Daisy!

It’s a Duesy! It’s a Doozy! It’s a Daisy! by C. K. Thomas However you spell it and whatever it might be, you can be sure if it’s a Duesy, a Doozy, or a Daisy, then it’s just grand. Golly … Continue reading

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Gifted writer dies doing what he loves

Gifted writer dies doing what he loves by Mary Verdier I imagine many blogs have provided information about Elmore Leonard’s sad death on August 20, 2013. But I felt if I didn’t put something about him on our blog, my … Continue reading

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