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The Effective Author: The Tapestry of Realities in Your Writing

The Effective Author: The Tapestry of Realities in Your Writing © 2018 Kebba Buckley Button, MS, OM. World Rights Reserved. Kebba.com Different levels of “reality” are perceived as “real” by different people. Atheists and Christians, literalists and metaphysicians, flat-world adherents … Continue reading

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Don’t Know Much About History*

Don’t Know Much About History* by Vaughn Treude To be successful, works of historical fiction – or those of a quasi-historical genre – need to have an air of authenticity. Thousands of readers would love to catch an author in … Continue reading

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Fun Facts

Fun Facts by Rita Goldner Social media marketers in general, and specifically book marketers, are often looking for obscure holidays they can commemorate with a tie-in to a current work. One you may have overlooked this past month was the … Continue reading

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Forty-Five Years Is a Long Time

Forty-Five Years Is a Long Time by Eduardo Cerviño Alzugaray Cuba is a nation frozen in time. For tourists visiting the island for a couple weeks, this is part of the charm. After all, some of the buildings you may … Continue reading

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Love Dies Hard

Love Dies Hard by Lesley Sudders “I never told you I grew up in a soddy, did I?” Louise aked. I shook my head, my mouth full of an excellent shortbread cookie. “Do you know what that is?” I nodded. … Continue reading

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