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Profanity Stress: Language for Our Times and Others

Profanity Stress: Language for Our Times and Others © 2016 Kebba Buckley Button, MS, OM. World Rights Reserved. Is the English-speaking segment of the World now in profanity stress? In the last few months, I have noticed a large shift … Continue reading

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Silly Grammar Debates

Silly Grammar Debates by Jake Poinier I’m a member of a group of editors on Facebook, and it never fails to surprise me how heated and opinionated people can become about the smallest points of grammar. (As I wrote earlier … Continue reading

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Enthusiasm by Lesley Sudders A poster with this Ralph Waldo Emerson quote probably hung in your high school classroom, right? Or maybe it was rotated every day or so with other inspiring adages in hopes we students might ingest these … Continue reading

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A Quick Grammar Trick to Improve Freelance Sales

A Quick Grammar Trick to Improve Freelance Sales Success in freelance writing isn’t just about putting words to the page: It’s a matter of selling your skills, your services, and yourself. For many freelancers, the business side is a more … Continue reading

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That vs Which

That vs Which by Ellen Buikema I frequently have difficulty trying to decide whether to use “that” or “which” when writing. To help clear my confusion, I wandered through Professor Google to find help. The following summary of Ali Hale’s … Continue reading

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I Have No Style

I Have No Style by Jake Poinier When I say I have no style, I’m not talking about the fact that t-shirts and shorts are the dress code for my freelance writing and editing business. What I mean is that … Continue reading

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March Lions and Lambs

March Lions and Lambs by Rita Goldner As the time rolls around each month for me to write my post for the Phoenix Publishing and Book Promotion blog, I think what a serendipitous choice I made, opting to write on … Continue reading

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