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Me(moir). It’s All About Me – Or is it?

Me(moir). It’s All About Me – Or is it? by Joyce A. Lefler My past wasn’t sexy. It was messy, tedious, and gut-wrenchingly horrific. There were moments of euphoria and joy, but mostly it was sad, made me cry, and … Continue reading

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The Effective Author: The Tapestry of Realities in Your Writing

The Effective Author: The Tapestry of Realities in Your Writing © 2018 Kebba Buckley Button, MS, OM. World Rights Reserved. Kebba.com Different levels of “reality” are perceived as “real” by different people. Atheists and Christians, literalists and metaphysicians, flat-world adherents … Continue reading

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An Extraordinarily Beautiful Memoir

An Extraordinarily Beautiful Memoir by Jack Dermody At a Phoenix Publishing & Book Promotion Meetup, it was enough for me to just glance quickly at Jan Krulick-Belin’s brand new memoir, Love Bill. The cover itself is a work of beauty. … Continue reading

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Memoir as Revisionist History?

Memoir as Revisionist History? by Jack Dermody In The Art of Memoir, author Mary Karr claims to give early drafts of her memoirs to the people she writes about and asks them for their critiques. Would you do that? Would … Continue reading

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Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat by Patricia Grady Cox My trick is that I’m again writing a blog on Halloween, but I’m going to ignore that fact and pretend it’s just a regular day. I’m sure there are enough Halloween/All Saints/Day of … Continue reading

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It’s Really Been a Ride!

It’s Really Been a Ride! by Virginia Williams It wasn’t until I started riding motorcycles at age 55 that I really started writing. Oh yes, I’d done some writing as a girl, winning a couple articles in the local newspaper … Continue reading

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Forty-Five Years Is a Long Time

Forty-Five Years Is a Long Time by Eduardo Cerviño Alzugaray Cuba is a nation frozen in time. For tourists visiting the island for a couple weeks, this is part of the charm. After all, some of the buildings you may … Continue reading

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