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There’s Always Room for Improvement

There’s Always Room for Improvement by Patricia Grady Cox The annual Tucson Festival of Books is the greatest weekend of the year for readers and writers. With 130,000 attendees, it’s the perfect place to market your book. Except … 350 … Continue reading

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Working with Illustrators

Working with Illustrators by Vaughn L. Treude As a writer, I have lots of ideas, some of which get me into trouble. For example, when I joined a playwriting group a few years ago, I decided to write a musical … Continue reading

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What a Big, Wide World

What a Big, Wide World by Beth Kozan When I met Elliot in 1979, I soon realized how small my growing-up world was. The world that formed me was a small agricultural town on the West Texas Plains. The people … Continue reading

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The Effective Author: The Best Way to Spill Your Guts

The Effective Author: The Best Way to Spill Your Guts © 2018 Kebba Buckley Button, MS, OM. World Rights Reserved. http://www.kebba.com As human beings, we all have passions and sometimes need to “spill our guts.” With anger or frustration, we … Continue reading

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The Pangolin

The Pangolin by Rita Goldner This past month we celebrated World Pangolin Day. For that reason, and because a character from my newest work-in-progress picture book happens to be a pangolin getting a pedicure, I decided to dedicate this month’s … Continue reading

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Musical Inspirations

Musical Inspirations by Barbara Renner Last month, Neil Diamond announced he is retiring from touring after being recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. He made the announcement during his 50th anniversary tour and canceled his concerts in Australia and New Zealand. … Continue reading

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Why I like the Tucson Festival of Books

Why I like the Tucson Festival of Books by Katrina Shawver I first attended the Tucson Festival of Books four years ago. I now count it as an annual “don’t miss” event. Everything about it is a winner. Last year, … Continue reading

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