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Abnormal Paranormal (or Ghosts and Cowboys)

Abnormal Paranormal (or Ghosts and Cowboys) by Patricia Grady Cox I’m currently writing my third novel, set in a fictional town loosely (very loosely) based on the Pioneer Arizona Living History Museum, located northeast of Phoenix. The story centers around … Continue reading

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Steampunk Desperado, a Progress Report

Steampunk Desperado, a Progress Report by Vaughn Treude In November, I wrote about my new blog, Steampunk Desperado, and promised to report back on my progress. So far it’s gone well. I’ve been posting consistently and have greatly increased the … Continue reading

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Thank You, Phoenix Fire 27

Thank You, Phoenix Fire 27 My name is Fidget. My Hooman family adopted me from The Arizona Humane Society in August, 2017. My Hooman Mom told me that for years you came to pick up my Hooman Dad when he … Continue reading

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The Effective Author: The Tapestry of Realities in Your Writing

The Effective Author: The Tapestry of Realities in Your Writing © 2018 Kebba Buckley Button, MS, OM. World Rights Reserved. Kebba.com Different levels of “reality” are perceived as “real” by different people. Atheists and Christians, literalists and metaphysicians, flat-world adherents … Continue reading

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The Two-toed Sloth

The Two-toed Sloth by Rita Goldner One of my favorite activities is sketching animals, especially from life. While I have plenty of subjects among friends’ pets, I much prefer exotic animals, so you’ll find me frequently sitting on a folding … Continue reading

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The Big Picture

The Big Picture by Marcus Nannini Be forewarned: The following is my opinion and is based upon my experience. There is a long road to travel when a book is published by an “indie” publisher, and it’s much longer still … Continue reading

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The Little People

The Little People by C. K. Thomas In 1967, John Peterson published a novel for children about a family of little people with tails who hid in the walls of the Biggs family’s house. The Littles became a series of … Continue reading

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