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“Come Together Right Now, Over Me”

“Come Together Right Now, Over Me” by Laura Cafiso A King Charles Spaniel is marching royally down the middle of Osborn Road (a busy Phoenix street), just west of 7th Avenue. What the hell? Dog literally looks like he’s leading … Continue reading

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Women’s Present-Day Month

Women’s Present-Day Month by Patricia Grady Cox It’s Women’s History Month, when we take time to honor all the women who have contributed great things to our country: medicine, technology, education, political movements, and more. Often this honor embraces an … Continue reading

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Some Dreams Do Come True

Some Dreams Do Come True by Beth Kozan I was in Tucson, driving back to our newly rented apartment after a job interview. I switched on the car radio as a song by Peter, Paul & Mary ended. The DJ … Continue reading

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How The Effective Author Triumphs Over a Cold

How The Effective Author Triumphs Over a Cold © 2019 Kebba Buckley Button. World Rights Reserved. Authors require clarity and productivity. We need to feel good. And colds eat our clarity, moods, and productivity. We need to beat colds fast! … Continue reading

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Write About What You Know… (or Not!)

Write About What You Know… (or Not!)   by Rita Goldner Writers are often directed in how-to books, classes, and webinars to write about a familiar subject, something about which they can speak with authority. Even better, the writing coaches … Continue reading

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The Power of the Mind and Beliefs

The Power of the Mind and Beliefs by Rob Pikula Over the past 15 years, I have been pondering how and why we form our thoughts. I realized that many of us may never have considered how these beliefs could … Continue reading

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My Greatest Fear

My Greatest Fear by Ernest Sears, Jr. Like others of you out there, I have had my share of life challenges and hardships. But the one trip that seems to have been my Mount Everest is the fear that my … Continue reading

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