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Healing Everyday Trauma

Healing Everyday Trauma by Dr. Kixx Goldman I once met a woman called Cindy who earned her living by pole dancing in a nightclub. Wanting to understand more about Cindy’s background and the performance art, I searched YouTube and found … Continue reading

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What a Big, Wide World

What a Big, Wide World by Beth Kozan When I met Elliot in 1979, I soon realized how small my growing-up world was. The world that formed me was a small agricultural town on the West Texas Plains. The people … Continue reading

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The Season of Love

The Season of Love by C. K. Thomas When you’re out and about during the holidays, notice the couples. Can you guess whether they’re married or dating? Here’s a fun exercise my husband and I tried during our Thanksgiving trip … Continue reading

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Memoir as Revisionist History?

Memoir as Revisionist History? by Jack Dermody In The Art of Memoir, author Mary Karr claims to give early drafts of her memoirs to the people she writes about and asks them for their critiques. Would you do that? Would … Continue reading

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The Dangers of Being A Business Body Language Pro

The Dangers of Being A Business Body Language Pro  by Barbara Chatzkel Once you are aware of business body language, you begin to unconsciously observe what is happening around you through the lens of business body language. This spills over … Continue reading

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Yin and Yang for Health and Love

Yin and Yang for Health and Love © 2015 Kebba Buckley Butto, MS,OM. World Rights Reserved. Everyone has heard of yin and yang, but many have never learned what these terms actually mean. Some people even run yin and yang … Continue reading

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Tattoo by Joseph Battaglia “Joey, here’s five dollars. Run down to the store and get a half gallon of milk and a loaf of bread and be sure to bring back the change.” Along the way little Joey passed the … Continue reading

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Appreciate the Blues Away!

Appreciate the Blues Away! by Robert Bloom I’ve discovered a magic pill that can pull me out of a funky mood, almost in an instant! It’s called appreciation, and, unlike most prescribed medications, it doesn’t come with any nasty side … Continue reading

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