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Writing, Alone, Does Not “Cut It”

Writing, Alone, Does Not “Cut It” by Jack Dermody Writing, for me, is almost a desperate need. I have always assumed there were people out there who cared about what I wrote. In my youth, parents, relatives, and friends received … Continue reading

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What Is It That Makes Us Want to Write?

What Is It That Makes Us Want to Write? by Jack Dermody When we write, do we really expect folks will thrill to read us? To pay money to read us? If so, we might belong to the same tribe … Continue reading

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What’s Love Got to Do With It?

What’s Love Got to Do With It? by Dr. Loni Welcome to June 13th, 2015, the 164th day of the year, my 50th birthday!!! And in 1525, it was the day Martin Luther married Katharina von Bora against the celibacy … Continue reading

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Time Travel from This Author’s POV

Time Travel from this Author’s POV by P.J. Hultstrand It is quite clear that we humans have been interested in the possibility of time-travel for quite some time. Why? I would like to believe it is our need to believe in something … Continue reading

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I’m not crazy; I’m a writer

I’m not crazy; I’m a writer by Steve Meissner When I was a hormone-sodden young man, I used to joke about dying on my 90th birthday – by falling out a bordello window. Well, never mind all that. Now my … Continue reading

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WHY WRITE? by Mary Verdier Has anyone ever asked you, “Why do you write?” It’s an odd question because seldom does one ask “Why are you an accountant?” or “Why did you become a marine biologist?” or “Why do you … Continue reading

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