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There’s Always Room for Improvement

There’s Always Room for Improvement by Patricia Grady Cox The annual Tucson Festival of Books is the greatest weekend of the year for readers and writers. With 130,000 attendees, it’s the perfect place to market your book. Except … 350 … Continue reading

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Hitting the Mark with My Audience

Hitting the Mark with My Audience by Lori Beasley Bradley For the past few months, I have been attending the Central Phoenix Writing Workshop and presenting chapters of my manuscript, The Ruby Queen. Before I began writing, I did quite … Continue reading

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Deciding just how provocative to make the juicy parts

Deciding just how provocative to make the juicy parts by Lori Beasley Bradley   I am beginning a new project I am calling The Soiled Dove Sagas, about two young women who find themselves taking up prostitution as a way … Continue reading

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