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Finish the book!!!

Finish the book!!! by Joe Torres You know you need to. You know that you have dawdled. You know that you have dragged your feet. And you hear the voice plain as day: “Finish your book!” So what’s taking so … Continue reading

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What Is It That Makes Us Want to Write?

What Is It That Makes Us Want to Write? by Jack Dermody When we write, do we really expect folks will thrill to read us? To pay money to read us? If so, we might belong to the same tribe … Continue reading

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Write 1,000 Words Every Day

Write 1,000 Words Every Day by Matthew Howard This may be the best writing advice I ever received. Yes, we can learn much about the craft of writing, about style and narrative structure and how to research. But to be … Continue reading

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The National Farmer’s and Housekeeper’s Cyclopaedia

The National Farmer’s and Housekeeper’s Cyclopaedia by Patricia Cox As a writer of historical fiction, I have an abiding fascination with all things 19th century. So, imagine how thrilled I was to come across The National Farmer’s and Housekeeper’s Cyclopaedia! … Continue reading

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5 Things I Learned from Attending Authors Readings

5 Things I Learned from Attending Authors Readings by Ofelia Montelongo As an always-learning aspiring author, I love to hear how other authors did it: How did they overcome the fears and trespass the world of writing and publishing? In my … Continue reading

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Resolve by S.L. Hulen In the middle of the night it slipped in, spreading over unfinished manuscripts and the sticky notes that line my office wall like the gauzy layer of dust left by an Arizona monsoon. Another year. For … Continue reading

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My Night Before Christmas

My Night Before Christmas by Mary Ellen Stepanich On my night before Christmas, I felt like a louse. No family in sight, alone in my house. No stockings were hung, no gifts anywhere, No hope for a Santa, nobody to … Continue reading

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