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Musical Inspirations

Musical Inspirations by Barbara Renner Last month, Neil Diamond announced he is retiring from touring after being recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. He made the announcement during his 50th anniversary tour and canceled his concerts in Australia and New Zealand. … Continue reading

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Discovery: I Still Have a Purpose

Discovery: I Still Have a Purpose by Beth Kozan It was kind of a chance encounter, my interview with a social worker from hospice to see which programs Elliot might qualify for. After I’d answered just a few questions, the … Continue reading

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The Effective Author: What Should You Write?

The Effective Author: What Should You Write? © 2017 Kebba Buckley Button, MS, OM. World Rights Reserved. What should you write about? Perhaps you haven’t written in a while. You have no pressing deadline, but the words are calling to … Continue reading

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Why I Started Writing in Public

Why I Started Writing in Public by Cody Wagner My typical weekday morning goes like this: Wake up. Hit SNOOZE. Wake up. Hit SNOOZE. Wake up. Shower, brush my teeth, etc… Sit at my desk and do “real” work. OK, … Continue reading

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Finding My Passion

Finding My Passion by Beth Kozan I have two professional passions in life: adoption and writing. How I found my passion for adoption is something I’m working on for another project. Finding my passion for writing started in high school. … Continue reading

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5 Things I Learned from Attending Authors Readings

5 Things I Learned from Attending Authors Readings by Ofelia Montelongo As an always-learning aspiring author, I love to hear how other authors did it: How did they overcome the fears and trespass the world of writing and publishing? In my … Continue reading

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A Personal ZOO

A Personal ZOO by Patricia Grady Cox Several years ago, I noticed an alarming increase in animal attacks against humans. Bears eating people, mountain lions stalking hikers, killer bees, and perhaps the worst of all: that woman who jogged several … Continue reading

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Batten down the hatches, amygdala!

Batten down the hatches, amygdala! by Joe Torres Music is one of my greatest allies in the war against lack of creativity. I have plenty of ideas, most of which are terrible, but music helps me really focus on creating. … Continue reading

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Three Women Authors Who Inspire My Writing

Three Women Authors Who Inspire My Writing by C.K. Thomas The first flake landed on a blackberry bush in the creek bottom of Meadowgate Farm. In the frozen hour before dawn, others found their mark on the mossy roof of … Continue reading

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Locating the Muse

Locating the Muse by Ellen Buikema Muse Lost It was last seen as a swirling mist, which dissipated into the scorching Arizona sun. Here I sit, fingers paused on the keyboard, wondering if … maybe there is a good post … Continue reading

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