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What to Do When You’re Not in the Mood

What to Do When You’re Not in the Mood by Cody Wagner I’m going through one of those periods where doing anything outside my “day job” feels like too much. Nod with me if you’ve been there before (I fully … Continue reading

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Finish the book!!!

Finish the book!!! by Joe Torres You know you need to. You know that you have dawdled. You know that you have dragged your feet. And you hear the voice plain as day: “Finish your book!” So what’s taking so … Continue reading

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Beating Writer’s Block

Beating Writer’s Block by Vaughn Treude Like me, you probably have childhood memories of sitting in front of a blank page, agonizing over what to write for a school essay. Years ago, in my first foray into writing fiction seriously, … Continue reading

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Expressing Emotion in Writing

Expressing Emotion in Writing by Patrick Hodges As an author, it’s normal to look at our past works and wonder, “OMG, what was I thinking?” Obviously, rookie mistakes are normal when you’re a fledgling writer, but whether you are writing … Continue reading

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When Does Marketing Begin?

When Does Marketing Begin? by Matthew Howard Self-publishing authors who want to reach a larger audience and earn an income write books they hope will sell. They work hard to create their masterpieces. They hire talented people to give them … Continue reading

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How Much Is Too Much in Writing Fiction?

How Much Is Too Much in Writing Fiction? by Cody Wagner In my novel, The Gay Teen’s Guide to Defeating a Siren, our protagonist goes off to a pray-away-the-gay boarding school. The homophobia at Sanctuary Preparatory Academy is completely over … Continue reading

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Fueling Your Creative Juices

Fueling Your Creative Juices by Elijah Shoemaker It happens to virtually every writer eventually. As you are working on the beautiful creation in front of you, you feel that spring of continuously flowing creativity run dry. Some have the philosophy … Continue reading

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