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Input from Others Can Improve Your Output as an Author

Input from Others Can Improve Your Output as an Author by Barbara Renner I wrote my first two picture books while living in a small town in northwest Minnesota for the summer. Enthralled with the state bird, the Common Loon, … Continue reading

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Group Writing: 7 Heads Are Better than One

Group Writing: 7 Heads Are Better than One by Mary Ellen Stepanich Editor’s Note: The following article was writen by the seven authors indicated and originally published in the Ventana Lakes (Peoria, Ariz.) community newsletter. Five years ago, seven unique … Continue reading

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Why I Like Being a “Pantser”

Why I Like Being a “Pantser” by Janine R. Pestel Yes, it’s true – I am a “pantser.” I do not make an outline when I begin a new short story, novella, or even a novel. Why? Because I haven’t … Continue reading

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Bam! Smack! Pow! Tips for Writing Violence

Bam! Smack! Pow! Tips for Writing Violence by Elizabeth Blake If your book contains action, then chances are you’ve agonized over how to make a fight scene engaging and titillating for your reader. Here are some quick and dirty tips … Continue reading

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Writing from Life Experience

Writing from Life Experience by Vaughn Treude “Write what you know” is a bit of advice frequently given to beginning writers. Though sound in principle, it’s not always possible. If we took the advice too seriously, science fiction and fantasy … Continue reading

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An Open Debate – Content Editor or Beta Readers: Who Comes First?

An Open Debate – Content Editor or Beta Readers: Who Comes First? by Cody Wagner So I just finished the second draft of book 2 in my series. First off, can I get a major “Woot!” from everyone? Come on…I … Continue reading

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Out of Character

Out of Character by Joe Torres So I was stuck and at a bit of a dead end. I had no idea what I was going to do next in my novel – so what do we all do when … Continue reading

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