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Writing, Alone, Does Not “Cut It”

Writing, Alone, Does Not “Cut It” by Jack Dermody Writing, for me, is almost a desperate need. I have always assumed there were people out there who cared about what I wrote. In my youth, parents, relatives, and friends received … Continue reading

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How Acting Improved My Writing

How Acting Improved My Writing by Cody Wagner So I’ve been jumping back into theater lately. I’m not bragging or anything. I mean, I’m a really awful actor. Just awful. I actually wrote a character in my novel who auditions … Continue reading

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Finding My Passion

Finding My Passion by Beth Kozan I have two professional passions in life: adoption and writing. How I found my passion for adoption is something I’m working on for another project. Finding my passion for writing started in high school. … Continue reading

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What Is It That Makes Us Want to Write?

What Is It That Makes Us Want to Write? by Jack Dermody When we write, do we really expect folks will thrill to read us? To pay money to read us? If so, we might belong to the same tribe … Continue reading

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Grieving the Loss of a Fictional Character

Grieving the Loss of a Fictional Character by Joe Torres Webster’s Dictionary defines grief as “a deep sadness, especially caused by someone’s death,” “a cause of deep sadness,” or “trouble or annoyance.” Notice how there is no mention of the … Continue reading

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They Can’t Say That I DIDN’T Write!

They Can’t Say That I DIDN’T Write! by Mary Ellen Stepanich I received a call last week from a gal who lives here in my retirement community. I used to sing with her in an ensemble that entertained annually in … Continue reading

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Making Serials Work for You

Making Serials Work for You by Immortal Angel When I say I’m an author, most people think I write novel-length books. And surprisingly, there are still a great many people who don’t consider me a “real author” if my books … Continue reading

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