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Rosie Napravnik – Woman Jockey Among the Firsts

Rosie Napravnik – Woman Jockey Among the Firsts by C.K. Thomas Rosie Napravnik has ridden in all three thoroughbred, dirt-track races that make up the famous Triple Crown: The Kentucky Derby – Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky; The Preakness Stakes – … Continue reading

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Horseshoe Crab Blood

Horseshoe Crab Blood by Rita Goldner On the evolution timetable, we humans are relatively the new kids on the block. We have been here in our current form for about 200,000 years. The horseshoe crab, however, has been here in … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name? by Elizabeth Blake Whether we are writing under our given name or a pseudonym, how we choose to present ourselves to the world is important. We pour considerable energy and time into showing who we are … Continue reading

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Oh, Well!

Oh, Well! by Joe Carroccio OK, so May has come and gone, and June is almost finished. Marti is still focusing on helping and supporting her daughter with the care of her new grandson, William. Again, a full-time job. We … Continue reading

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Group Writing: 7 Heads Are Better than One

Group Writing: 7 Heads Are Better than One by Mary Ellen Stepanich Editor’s Note: The following article was writen by the seven authors indicated and originally published in the Ventana Lakes (Peoria, Ariz.) community newsletter. Five years ago, seven unique … Continue reading

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What’s Your Sign?

What’s Your Sign? by Barbara Renner Today is my daughter’s birthday. Can I get a collective “Happy Birthday, Jackie”? I won’t tell you how old she turns today because that will not only reveal her age, but her momma’s approximate … Continue reading

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Quotation Marks and Punctuation’s Ultimate Insiders: Periods and Commas

Quotation Marks and Punctuation’s Ultimate Insiders: Periods and Commas By Kathleen Watson When you’re on a roll and the inspiration is flowing, you don’t want to stop to ponder punctuation. Seasoned writers get their thoughts and words captured first, postponing … Continue reading

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Why I Like Being a “Pantser”

Why I Like Being a “Pantser” by Janine R. Pestel Yes, it’s true – I am a “pantser.” I do not make an outline when I begin a new short story, novella, or even a novel. Why? Because I haven’t … Continue reading

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Cover Design for Independent Authors

Cover Design for Independent Authors by Vaughn Treude If you search “cover design” online, you’ll find that many writers say “Don’t do your own covers.” They mention the many pre-made designs available for purchase and recommend using one of those. … Continue reading

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Book Covers – Super Fun, or Make You Wanna Stab Your Eyes Out?

Book Covers – Super Fun, or Make You Wanna Stab Your Eyes Out? by Cody Wagner Now that my novel is getting closer to completion, it’s time to start thinking about my book cover. Of course, you might be thinking, … Continue reading

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