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Proofread – Then Repeat

Proofread – Then Repeat by Katrina Shawver An author has only one chance to make a good first impression with readers. I know with certainty that it takes time and multiple trained eyes to catch every error. My standard for … Continue reading

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Editing by Marcus A. Nannini If, as an author, you cannot accept criticism, you are in deep trouble. If you believe every sentence you have strung together into a book is critical to the book, you are in even deeper … Continue reading

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How to Be Better Than Perfect

How to Be Better Than Perfect by Elizabeth Blake When I was younger and fresh from a high school literature courses, I took other people’s poor grammar seriously. I wanted to speak and write properly and expected other people to … Continue reading

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What I Learned My First Year as an Author

What I Learned My First Year as an Author by Janine R. Pestel I began writing in February 2016 and have been writing for a little over a year. In the past 14 months, I have self-published one novella, one … Continue reading

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Prepare Your Manuscript for Feedback and Editing: Keep It Simple!

Prepare Your Manuscript for Feedback and Editing: Keep It Simple! by Matthew Howard A well-prepared manuscript will improve the feedback and editing stages that come next. A clean, simple format makes it easier for friends, colleagues, workshop participants, editors, and … Continue reading

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Let Your First Draft Fester!

Let Your First Draft Fester! by Cody Wagner I recently finished the first draft of the sequel to my novel. When I typed “The End,” I immediately did two things. First, I cried. Yep, I bawled like a baby. You … Continue reading

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Getting the Hang of Rewriting

Getting the Hang of Rewriting by Elijah Shoemaker Rewriting is probably the least fun part of creating a story. It doesn’t matter if that story is a novel, a short story, a poem, or anything else. In my opinion, the … Continue reading

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WORD PURGE by Sue Faris Raatjes© What is it about January and purging? Holiday excess often leads to the desire for simplicity. Many of us clean, sort, and purge in the first month of a new year. It makes us … Continue reading

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Fact-checking “well known facts”

Fact-checking “well known facts” by Jake Poinier While editing an article, I needed to research the author’s use of the old saying that the Chinese characters for “danger” and “opportunity” combine to form the ideogram “crisis.” (I initially thought the … Continue reading

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You’ve Written a Book! Now What? : The Ins-and-Outs of Hiring an Editor

You’ve Written a Book! Now What? : The Ins-and-Outs of Hiring an Editor by Shanan Winters There’s a moment in time when an author puts the final punctuation on the last sentence of a manuscript. In that brief second, the … Continue reading

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