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The Power of the Mind and Beliefs

The Power of the Mind and Beliefs by Rob Pikula Over the past 15 years, I have been pondering how and why we form our thoughts. I realized that many of us may never have considered how these beliefs could … Continue reading

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My Greatest Fear

My Greatest Fear by Ernest Sears, Jr. Like others of you out there, I have had my share of life challenges and hardships. But the one trip that seems to have been my Mount Everest is the fear that my … Continue reading

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Children Caught in the Crossfire

Children Caught in the Crossfire by Dr. Kixx Goldman My new short story, “Caught in the Crossfire,” inspired by my work with a woman named “Charlotte,” is about the effects of children being separated from their parents. Charlotte arrived at … Continue reading

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Little by Little, Piece by Piece

Little by Little, Piece by Piece by Patricia Grady Cox I am pleased to announce the following technological advances I made in 2018 that are helping me with my marketing: (1) I set up two mailing lists with MailChimp, one … Continue reading

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Second Grade Entrepreneur

Second Grade Entrepreneur by Laura Cafiso Being a teacher meant suppressing my desire to laugh out loud uproariously, almost daily. These miniature humans did the funniest damn things. I usually had to admonish my students for things considered “bad,” but … Continue reading

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Make the Most of Your Next Interview

Make the Most of Your Next Interview by Mel Rhoden So you finally landed an interview, now what? How do you stack up against the rest of the competition? Here are a few suggestions for ways to make an impression … Continue reading

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The Effective Author: 3 Questions for Whim and Whir in Your Workspace

The Effective Author: 3 Questions for Whim and Whir in Your Workspace by Kebba Buckley Button, MS, OM ©2019 World Rights Reserved. Today’s focus is on Whim and Whir, or how your workspace arrangements are working for you. Don’t choke! … Continue reading

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Blue Footed Booby

Blue Footed Booby by Rita Goldner The delightful subject of this month’s blog is fun and whimsical, and may even appear goofy-looking at times. Of course these attributes launch the blue footed booby to the top of my favorite birds … Continue reading

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