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Healing Everyday Trauma

Healing Everyday Trauma by Dr. Kixx Goldman I once met a woman called Cindy who earned her living by pole dancing in a nightclub. Wanting to understand more about Cindy’s background and the performance art, I searched YouTube and found … Continue reading

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Vacation Time in Texas

Vacation Time in Texas by Beth Kozan The summer I was 12, my family took a vacation to “See Texas.” If you’ve never traveled north to south in Texas, it might be hard to realize how long it took to … Continue reading

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The Charms and Delights of Pie

The Charms and Delights of Pie by C. K. Thomas “Can she bake a cherry pie, Billy Boy, Billy Boy?” I can remember picking cherries from a big ol’ fruit tree in my aunt’s backyard in Galveston, Indiana. With cherry … Continue reading

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It’s Really Been a Ride!

It’s Really Been a Ride! by Virginia Williams It wasn’t until I started riding motorcycles at age 55 that I really started writing. Oh yes, I’d done some writing as a girl, winning a couple articles in the local newspaper … Continue reading

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Milestones – the Influence That Continues

Milestones – the Influence That Continues by Beth Kozan I think and write a lot about community and building modern communities of like-minded people. Harmony Community (in Floyd County, Texas) is where I grew up on a farm, and I … Continue reading

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The San Francisco Earthquake

The San Francisco Earthquake by Lesley Sudders I can only imagine what my English grandfather, George Henry Sudders, was doing at 5 a.m. on April 18, 1906. After crossing the Atlantic and traversing the U.S. by train, he was probably … Continue reading

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Genealogy Basics: How to Obtain Birth or Death Certificates in Arizona

Genealogy Basics: How to Obtain Birth or Death Certificates in Arizona by Diana DeLugan Anyone serious about genealogy knows that birth and death records reveal important information useful in building a family tree. Certificates contain intimate details about family members … Continue reading

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