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Recovering a Lost Book of Poems

Recovering a Lost Book of Poems by Brian Flatgard In the early ’ 90s, I ran a very small press which published my poetry and that of others. The “press” was seat-of-the-pants, laser printer publishing. To create books, I used … Continue reading

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When Does Marketing Begin?

When Does Marketing Begin? by Matthew Howard Self-publishing authors who want to reach a larger audience and earn an income write books they hope will sell. They work hard to create their masterpieces. They hire talented people to give them … Continue reading

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Getting to Know Your Reader Will Help You Market to Them

Getting to Know Your Reader Will Help You Market to Them by Nick Nebelsky A great work of fiction is filled with interesting characters who help move a story. How well you know your characters often has a lot to … Continue reading

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Meeting My First Fan

Meeting My First Fan by Sarah Krueger As a new writer, I am still finding my audience. Other than friends and family members, no one really knows I’ve got a book, yet. This week, I was privileged to speak to the entire … Continue reading

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Is your GRABBER any good?

Is your GRABBER any good? by Autumn Kohl Nobody has to read your book. Sorry, that’s a fact of life. Oh, I forgot your mother. She, of course, will read it, tell you it’s wonderful and how brilliant you are. … Continue reading

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Selecting a title with mass appeal

Selecting a title with mass appeal by Patrick Hodges I have been working feverishly over the last month finishing up the rough draft for my second book, which I have tentatively called Kelsey’s Crush. But the more I think about … Continue reading

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Getting (Them) to Know You

Getting (Them) to Know You by Mary Ellen Stepanich In the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical The King and I, there’s a delightful song that expresses an important element in building relationships, “Getting to Know You.” Getting to know you, getting … Continue reading

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More on first lines — an author share hers

More on first lines — an author share hers by Brenda Whiteside   The first few lines of a novel may be the most important in a book, though that isn’t necessarily the case for a reader. It’s highly unlikely … Continue reading

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The Peek

The Peek by Charles Brownson   ­­­Probably you have noticed how quickly you can make up your mind whether or not to read a book. Last month I wrote here about cover design, which is one of the main elements … Continue reading

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