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The Importance of Deadlines

The Importance of Deadlines by Elizabeth Blake Procrastination. What an awful, dreadful, shame-inspiring word. Yet we all procrastinate. Me especially. It’s all I’ve accomplished lately. And I’ve got a gamut of excuses. I work the night shift. I’m awake when … Continue reading

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Wait for it… Wait for it…

Wait for it… Wait for it… by Lara Garcia We all catch ourselves procrastinating at one time or another. I never used to be a person who put things off. I would always have my list and check it off … Continue reading

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The Effective Author: Is the Right Answer Crippling You?

The Effective Author: Is the Right Answer Crippling You? © 2017 Kebba Buckley Button, MS, OM. World Rights Reserved. Many of us learned all about The Right Answer in school; but is the quest for the single Right Answer now … Continue reading

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Finish the book!!!

Finish the book!!! by Joe Torres You know you need to. You know that you have dawdled. You know that you have dragged your feet. And you hear the voice plain as day: “Finish your book!” So what’s taking so … Continue reading

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A Habit to Break?

A Habit to Break? by Beth Kozan It was in high school that I developed the habit of Waiting Till the Last Minute to write an assignment.  It became entrenched in college, when I’d stay up all night in the … Continue reading

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There’s no such thing as “ready”

There’s no such thing as “ready” by Shanan Winters Welcome to November! By the time this post goes live, we’ll be one-third of the way into the month, and another several days closer to the end of 2015. Where did … Continue reading

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Finding the Time

Finding the Time by Joe Torres Today’s post is about something that I struggle with daily as a new “author.” I put the designation in quotation marks because in Writing Fiction for Dummies, it says that if you want to … Continue reading

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The Art of Finding Inspiration

The Art of Finding Inspiration by Ofelia Montelongo I’m constantly tempted by worthless amusing activities instead of finishing my book. I frequently use this excuse: I’m not inspired, right now. I’m fully aware that inspiration doesn’t come every day nor … Continue reading

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Make It So Easy You Can’t Say No

Make It So Easy You Can’t Say No by Rebecca Joy Have you ever heard of the Zeigarnik effect? Just understanding this concept could possibly change and improve the course of your writing and your life. When fully understood and … Continue reading

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The Writer’s Dilemma – Caught in the Swirl

The Writer’s Dilemma – Caught in the Swirl by Laurie D. Battaglia I was so overjoyed to see Mary! We hadn’t seen her in about a year. Mary’s life has been pretty crazy since we met her a few years … Continue reading

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