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A Holiday as Smooth as Silk

A Holiday as Smooth as Silk by C. K. Thomas We’re on the cusp of Christmas. Sometimes, just the thought of preparing for Christmas can make us feel like that ridge on a molar, the cusp, where the grind of … Continue reading

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You’re Invited – Holiday Author Open House 11/28 in Chandler, AZ

You’re Invited – Holiday Author Open House 11/28 in Chandler, AZ If you’re one of those fortunate people like me who lives or winters in the Valley of the Sun – with a high today for Black Friday of 70° … Continue reading

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Tracking Results

Tracking Results by Patricia Grady Cox I admit it’s difficult, with my right-brain tendencies, to analyze my marketing results. It’s only been a couple of months since I really started working at marketing again, with regular weekly postings on more … Continue reading

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Pacing, the Toughest Hurdle

Pacing, the Toughest Hurdle by Vaughn Treude When we begin writing fiction, a number of issues confront us as novices. Issues of technical proficiency such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation are first on the list. Then come dialog, plotting, and … Continue reading

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The Effective Author: Great Gifts for Authors 2018

The Effective Author: Great Gifts for Authors 2018 © 2018 Kebba Buckley Button, MS, OM. World Rights Reserved. As we hurtle into the holiday season, wouldn’t you just love to have a handle on gifts for authors? Wouldn’t you love to … Continue reading

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Mexican Red-Kneed Tarantula

Mexican Red-Kneed Tarantula by Rita Goldner This month’s interesting animal is a Mexican red-kneed tarantula. A particularly beautiful creature, this one has red-orange leg joints. The wild ones live in the Sierra Madre Occidental and Sierra Madre del Sur mountain ranges in Mexico. … Continue reading

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