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Blah, Blah Blogging

Blah, Blah Blogging by Patricia Grady Cox In any book marketing forum, the subject of blogging comes up. Our own Phoenix Publishing and Promotion encourages blogging, most recently offering a challenge in which you commit to blog every day for 35 … Continue reading

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It’s a Duesy! It’s a Doozy! It’s a Daisy!

It’s a Duesy! It’s a Doozy! It’s a Daisy! by C. K. Thomas However you spell it and whatever it might be, you can be sure if it’s a Duesy, a Doozy, or a Daisy, then it’s just grand. Golly … Continue reading

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25 Years Buying Organic – One Person’s Experience and Observations

25 Years Buying Organic – One Person’s Experience and Observations by Deborah Tosline In 1990, I began buying organic food for my household 100 percent of the time. I had transitioned to a healthy, whole foods lifestyle in my 20s, … Continue reading

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Mr. Black and Me

Mr. Black and Me by Jens Hughes No outside influence or unforeseen deterrence has been a more destructive force in my life than I have. Most of my life’s letdowns originate not from bad luck or lack of skill. No, … Continue reading

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Ray Bradbury, Mr. Electro, and Dandelion Wine: A Writer Blossoms

Ray Bradbury, Mr. Electro, and Dandelion Wine: A Writer Blossoms by Ellen Buikema We begin life with many possible futures, determined primarily by our innate gifts and environment. Serendipity also plays a role, shifting the way we look at life … Continue reading

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Nine Strategies for Book Promotion Timing

Nine Strategies for Book Promotion Timing by Mary Ellen Stepanich, Ph.D. While browsing through posts on the LinkedIn book marketing group, I stumbled upon a website I hadn’t seen before – it’s BuildBookBuzz and it provides do-it-yourself book marketing tips … Continue reading

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Be Careful of What You Are Pointing At

Be Careful of What You Are Pointing At by Barbara Chatzkel Welcome to this month’s insight into business body language. It’s a place to get tips on what signals your body is sending and how to modify your body language … Continue reading

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The Power of the Group: Author Blog Challenge begins Sept. 13th

The Power of the Group: Author Blog Challenge begins Sept. 13th by Laura Orsini As you may know, this blog is visible proof of the power of the group, produced as it is by members of the Phoenix Publishing & … Continue reading

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Do You Embrace Your Fears?

Do You Embrace Your Fears? by Christine Enking You may have heard the expressions “Fear is your friend” and/or “There’s nothing to fear but fear itself.” I don’t remember “thinking” a lot about fear, but I know that I lived … Continue reading

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Dad, Are You a Famous Writer?

Dad, Are You a Famous Writer? by Jake Poinier When my son Nick was about 5 years old, he stared up at me with his big, round, blue eyes and asked, “Dad, what’s Pluto?” My own dad was a traveling … Continue reading

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