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Some Dreams Do Come True

Some Dreams Do Come True by Beth Kozan I was in Tucson, driving back to our newly rented apartment after a job interview. I switched on the car radio as a song by Peter, Paul & Mary ended. The DJ … Continue reading

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What It Takes to Write for a Living, or Who Needs to Eat Anyway?

What It Takes to Write for a Living, or Who Needs to Eat Anyway? by Marcus Nannini If it had been easy, my parents would not have discouraged the hell out of me. They termed my pursuit of any manner … Continue reading

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Do I have room for something new?

Do I have room for something new? by Bee Walker I have a friend who has an agreement with herself: When she buys a new clothing item, she selects another item from her closet and donates it. She has the … Continue reading

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Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe by Rita Goldner I’m spending a week camping on the shore of Lake Tahoe, while working on my new book. It’s a wonderful place to nurture a creative spirit, and I have been doing it for about 20 … Continue reading

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The Art of Finding Inspiration

The Art of Finding Inspiration by Ofelia Montelongo I’m constantly tempted by worthless amusing activities instead of finishing my book. I frequently use this excuse: I’m not inspired, right now. I’m fully aware that inspiration doesn’t come every day nor … Continue reading

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My Own Little Book

My Own Little Book by Beth Kozan For five years I’ve had this quote taped to my desk, just above my computer screen: And now. Now that I have my first book in my own hand, how does it feel? … Continue reading

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